How many of our little girls will have to endure this until it’s taken seriously?

Posted on April 26, 2011


Stepdad of young girl defends 3 accused of raping her – This very literally broke my heart and made me cry, so be prepared…

According to police, the 7-year-old was prostituted out by her 15-year-old stepsister, who watched as she was raped by as many as seven men and boys at a party at the Rowan Tower apartments on March 28. As many as a dozen people were at the party, held in a vacant apartment in the crime-plagued public housing complex not far from the New Jersey Statehouse.

Investigators said that soon after arriving, the older girl took money to have sex with several men at a party, including Leary. The teen then gave some of the money she had collected to the younger girl to let the men start touching her. It soon escalated to rape, police said, and the men threatened to kill the child if she screamed or told anyone, according to police.

violence against women is condoned in our society, and until we get at the root of the problem children will continue to be casualties of this war on women. So so so so sad.

Also, why aren’t gang rapes and violent sexual assaults/rape considered hate crimes? It’s very clearly misogyny.