I wonder about people…

Posted on April 27, 2011


wordpress has this awesome little function that shows you what search engine terms resulted in your blog being viewed.  Some of the search queries are… questionable.  My favorites from this week:

Search Views
obama vacation daysPeople are seriously concerned about this still? You know it won’t stop even though they showed the original.. 9
uterus sexI don’t even WANT to know what these 4 people were trying to find 4
president obama vacation days 4
vagina tubesagain… what exactly were they hoping to find?  3
hip hop hedge funds 1
how can i use deficit from corporations at wind up on personal taxes

another old guy trying to scam the system? 

boner.com 1
sexual orientation of libyaI didn’t know entire countries had sexual orientations 1
sodomy between straights 1
i want musical condomsyou and me both, buddy 1
hahayourefunny 1

My favorite from last week was Clitstube.  You know all of these weird sexual searches are men who know nothing of female anatomy hoping to find porn. Sorry guys, you get feminism instead.