oh that damn *liberal* media

Posted on April 28, 2011


Bozell Column: Obama Unloved, Here and Abroad | NewsBusters.org.

Turn the page backward, and on page A-10, there’s another story. More Americans disapprove of President Obama’s management of the war in Afghanistan than support it: 44 percent approved, 49 percent disapproved. Once again, just focus on the independents: 53 percent disapproved of Obama’s handling of Afghanistan.

well yeah, maybe that’s because many of the people who voted for Obama were looking for change, for real progressive politics, not the bullshit shenanigans this administration has been pulling since their victory (which are not unlike the bullshit shenanigans pulled by previous administrations) 

This is certainly not the reception that media liberals and Pew pundits expected. They couldn’t imagine that perhaps people in other countries just have an anti-American animus regardless of the president.

Anyone claiming to be progressive who doesn’t understand that the United States is a joke to intelligent people worldwide is fooling themselves and tarnishing the name of progressives worldwide, just like Obama and the people who consistently call him liberal or progressive. Perhaps he is liberal, especially to those who would like to restore america to the good old 1900’s where white men didn’t have to take seriously the concerns of women, children, and people of color.  he is not progressive. and neither are the majority of our large news networks.   

All of this “liberal” vs “conservative” bias talk about media is futile.  in much the same way as arguing across party lines (red/blue) is futile.  The entire system is in cahoots against the average people, the government and the media.  The media doesn’t report articles progressives like either, buddy.  The media don’t demonize the president the way conservatives want and don’t call out his bullshit like liberals want.  So who does the media represent?