The Royal Wedding and the Embarrassing Worship of Wealth (must read!)

Posted on April 28, 2011


The Royal Wedding and the Embarrassing Worship of Wealth | NEWS JUNKIE POST.   Best article of today, I already know it.  I was excited just to finally find an article about how utterly ridiculous the whole affair is, and this one takes it even further, and i love it.  It puts it all out there.

Adding insult to injury, the media has the gall to ‘report’ of the burdens that the royal family endures because of their privilege.  It’s a wonderfully crafted, and likely quite expensive, PR campaign that can actually have members of the general public duped into feeling sorry for these profiteers.  It must be tough having everything handed to you, including unimaginable wealth and  vast authority over others, as your birthright.  Poor things.  As if the paparazzi are such a bane to their existence that it justifies their unearned economic, legal, and political privilege.  If it bugs them that much, either stop with all the fanfare or abdicate.  Please… abdicate.

the poor poor rich people.  We do the same to celebrities in this country.  I do not believe that these individuals should be villainized for filling the role put in front of them, just as I do not think that celebrities here should be construed as bad people for taking an opportunity to “have it all”.  That doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s wrong. 

How dare they wallow in public opulence while the people of Britain, the ‘real people’ of Britain, are facing massive cuts and severe austerity measures.  The insensitivity alone ought to be criminal. 

let’s just say, if I were Brittish and I had been protesting and assaulted by police and my education was being cut you better believe i’d be mad as all hell.  At least our celebrities here aren’t in some way directly responsible for the downfalls of our society.  They are in roundabout ways, because it’s all interconnected. But it’s not so… insensitive and offensive. 

The bottom line in my opinion: 

Wealth, no matter how it is gained, even at the tip of the sword, through patricide, genocide, and tyranny, is worshiped. Like gangsters, drug-lords, and oft bankrupt real estate magnates that profit from others misfortune, or corporate captains that corrupt everything from our water to our political institutions, we are all too willing to ignore the sins that brought about the bounty.  It’s all about the wealth no matter how it was obtained or maintained.   We’ve been mesmerized by the dollars because we are lacking in sense.