YouTube – Harper advisor calls for assassination of Assange

Posted on April 28, 2011


YouTube – Harper advisor calls for assassination of Wikileaks director…. just watch.  The FIRST thing out the guy’s mouth is “he should be assassinated” …because that’s an appropriate way to deal with someone challenging your authority in the best interest of the people..ok ok, i don’t know that Assange has the best interest of people in mind, i have no idea what his motives are.. but STILL!  Is that how we take care of people who stand in our way? Oh, well, yes, actually, that is how the US government deals with people who go against their set status quo. That is why every truly progressive and influential person in history has been assassinated or thrown in jail.  Not something I would joke about, buddy.

and the second thing out his mouth is “no good is coming from it”… i hope after a few countries have had a revolutions and cited Wikileaks, not to mention the appeal of GOVERNMENT TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY TO IT’S PEOPLE he’s eaten his words. Probably not.  What a wanker. Has there been a poll on how regular every day people view wikileaks and/or the treatment of Bradley Manning?  I mean, I guess first we’d have to assume that people can access information that isn’t tainted to make sure we hate wikileaks/manning/assange (which will be hard since our media sucks), and that people are engaged in politics, which is a stretch, but it would be interesting to see, i think.  I wonder how many Americans even know who bradley manning is…

This really pisses me off. What would happen if I called for this guy’s assassination, or the assassination/imprisonment/torture of people who were standing in the way of what I thought was best?  What happens when any “regular” person says something like this? Well, they don’t, because they’d get in huge trouble and be convicted of attempted murder or something insane. I guess some people are just above the law.

…not to mention advocating for violent solutions to problems is never the way to go… ugh. i hate capitalism and patriarchy.