5 Myths About The Penis

Posted on April 29, 2011


5 Myths About The Penis. my fav’s (especially the last one):

Myth: “A hard dick has no conscience.”

I’m often asked whether erections take blood from the brain, thus inhibiting decision making. Though erections are indeed caused by blood flow into the penis, the body has more than enough blood to support the operation of every other organ during physical arousal. There is no scientific evidence that a hard-on impairs cognitive function. In other words, guys can’t justify assault or infidelity based on biology. A penis may have no conscience (flaccid or hard), but the moral center of the brain (the frontal lobe) does — and that moral center keeps right on working, no matter how turgid the erection. By the way: women get clitoral erections. But I’ve never heard anyone claim that a swollen clit has no conscience.

Myth: your penis isn’t part of you.

Too many men describe their penises as tools they use: rods, shafts, hammers, swords, fuck sticks … you get the idea. The language is violent — think of the old euphemism for male masturbation, “beating the meat”! But our penises don’t just belong to us, they are part of us. They reveal a truth about us, too: vulnerable and squishy more often than rigid, surprisingly soft to the touch, capable of feeling — and giving — both great pleasure and great pain. They do not perform on command. Drugs can alter how they behave. We don’t think with our penises, but they are — inextricably — part of us: flawed, powerful, vulnerable, beautiful.