Bill O’Reilly: Political Madness

Posted on April 29, 2011


Bill O’Reilly: Political Madness – While i don’t disagree with this article in it’s entirety (and i’m shocked that i’m posting a fox news/papa bear article without the intent of ripping it apart or being livid about everything it says), this part…

The dopey birth certificate and Muslim stuff distracts from the real issue: How does President Obama see his country?

After almost two-and-a-half years in office, Americans remain confused over that question. I am confused and I do this for a living.

But let me say this: If Mr. Obama continues to do things that are inexplicable, he will lose the upcoming election.

Hopefully, with the nutty stuff put to bed, Americans can focus on what’s really important. Does our president have what it takes to solve the country’s vexing problems and does he see America the way the majority of its citizens do, as a noble and fair country?

How does Obama see the country?  Do presidents normally want to “lead” because they think things are peachy keen? Or do people do this kind of political work because they think things need to change?  Who does Mr. Papa Bear O’Reilly hang out with to be under the impression that America is seen as a noble and fair country? Obviously not regular people.  Because the people I talk to (and most of the people I hang out with here in hawaii are not possessed of certain, radical notions or incredibly progressive ideals) realize the way this country is run is pretty royally fucked, and we voted for Obama to change that. Not because he sees America as noble and fair, but because he promised to call out the bullshit and bring about accountability, transparency, change.  I’m fairly certain that if America was a noble and fair country the world wouldn’t hate us (because we wouldn’t be colonizing and exploiting the shit out of it), we wouldn’t have the highest incarceration rate, we wouldn’t have one of the largest wealth gaps, 3-4 women a day wouldn’t be dying due to intimate partner violence, all people within our “walls” would have access to clean water, and our keiki wouldn’t be hungry.  

Yes, this country is “noble and fair” if you are a middle aged, upper/middle class white man who is very clearly heterosexual and masculine.  That is a very small portion of our population.  I wonder when this elite group will wake up and realize that their reality isn’t the only one, and their way of looking at life and interpreting what’s fair or just is not the only possibility, that it’s time to listen to those who have been claiming inequality forever.  

Example: Two children get into an argument and peers/parents intervene.  one child says the other one was stealing their lunch money and bullying them.  The other child says the first one is making things up, blowing it out of proportion, etc.  Who are you going to believe?  

For too long we’ve been listening to the “haves”, those people who do not take seriously the concerns of people of color, women, the disenfranchised… they paint us as radical, anti american, trying to get what we don’t deserve.  They’re projecting, harcore. Because the only reason they are the elite is because they have trampled over other’s, banked on their privilege.. basically they are there at the top at the expense of the rest of us. 

O’Reilly is a very, very smart man.  He is capable of sounding reasonable while not being so whatsoever.  Yes, it’s true that this birth certificate thing has been a distraction to the real issues, so has the war on women and the queer community.  Those things that keep america stuck in a place where our potential will not be realized, as individuals and a nation.