Indiana’s holding Planned Parenthood hostage

Posted on April 29, 2011


The Associated Press: Daniels to sign bill defunding Planned Parenthood.  The war against women rages on.  Apparently Roe v Wade doesn’t matter to these old men who really know what’s best for women:

“We will now suffer the consequences of lawmakers who have no regard for fact-based decision making and sound public health policy,” she said.

The bill puts Indiana at risk of losing $4 million a year in federal family planning grants likely to be cut off because of the legislation. Daniels, known as a fiscal hawk, did not address the loss in his statement….

…Planned Parenthood says the bill could leave as many as 22,000 patients without access to Pap tests, birth control and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.

The governor’s office said the law will affect 7 entities in Indiana that have a total of 34 locations in 21 counties.

I foresee a mass exodus of women (and men who care about women’s health and autonomy) out of Indiana.  Or any other state that tries to do this to women.  If i was living there you better believe I would no longer support a state government or economy that doesn’t support me. Of course, if these “entities” want funding, all they have to do is quit providing a perfectly legal service which no federal monies pay for:

“Any organization affected by this provision can resume receiving taxpayer dollars immediately by ceasing or separating its operations that perform abortions.”

really, you’d swear these lawmakers have no idea what the Hyde Amendment is.  If that isn’t “strict” enough for them, and they want to disenfranchise low income women further, strengthen the amendment! But this has absolutely nothing to do with taxes or concern for women’s wellbeing.  It has to do with needing the authority to tell others how to live their lives.  It has everything to do with power and control.

So essentially Indiana is willing to defund one of the leading healthcare providers (especially for the youth and those with lower incomes) unless they stop providing abortions.  That’s democracy for ya.