119 One-Liners to Respond to Climate Science Myths

Posted on May 1, 2011


119 One-Liners to Respond to Climate Science Myths – Planetsave.com: climate change and environmental news.

2 “Climate’s changed before” Climate reacts to whatever forces it to change at the time, which now is dominated by humans.
21 “It’s just a natural cycle” Ancient natural cycles are irrelevant for attributing recent global warming to humans.
29 “Human CO2 is a tiny % of CO2 emissions” Human-caused CO2 emissions upset the natural balance and are causing global warming.
41 “Extreme weather isn’t caused by global warming” Extreme weather events are being made worse by global warming.
45 “CO2 was higher in the past” When CO2 was higher in the past, the sun was cooler.
54 “Volcanoes emit more CO2 than humans” Humans emit 100 times more CO2 than volcanoes.