Bin Laden, Obama and the Democrats: shameless together (must read!)

Posted on May 2, 2011


Bin Laden, Obama and the Democrats: shameless together. best article today:

Osama Bin Laden is dead, and we’re worried about anti-American violence by Osama supporters? Shouldn’t we be more worried about anti-American violence by Obama supporters? After all, isn’t that what the smug victory message by Obama effectively announced to us last night: any worries about whether the Democrats would be forced to deal with the consequences of their collaboration with the Republicans to wage war on Americans were effectively moot. Go ahead, Obama has effectively told his troops in the Senate and the House: Keep going, dear friends Harry Reid AND John Boehner, continue the war on the uninsured, the homeless, the mortgage-foreclosed, Latino migrants, Muslim migrants, GLBT folks, sexually active women. It’s OK, we can keep siding with the bankers without consequence. No one is kicking us out of office any time soon—Democrats or Republicans. And frankly, it doesn’t matter which party you run with. It’s all the same platform, dear friends: Civil Liberties? Out the door. Drones in Pakistan? Ramp ‘em up. U.S. military satellites all over the globe—just to sustain our hegemony? No worries. It’s business as usual, darlings, ‘cause we just killed Osama Bin Laden, and all will be forgiven. Correction: Because we just killed OBL, all will be praised.

emphasis mine! seriously though, this is brilliant. fucking brilliant.

But this is where President Obama is wrong: the war that he wages is not the same as the war waged under President GW Bush’s administration. It is, qualitatively and quantitatively, more extreme. We already know that the number of migrants incarcerated and deported has increased threefold under Obama. We know that the number of drone attacks in Pakistan increased under Obama. We know that the erosion of civil liberties has increased under Obama. The same Presidential candidate who took President Bush to task for incarcerating over 700 men in Guantanamo Bay without charges—promising to move the detainees to U.S. Prisons and hold civilian trials for them less than 1 year ago—timed his bid for re-election to coincide with an announcement to hold military tribunals for the remaining detainees. Why? In order to assure his staunchest critics that he not only didn’t give a damn about human rights, moral treatment, or civil liberties, but that he gave LESS of a damn than did President Bush.

emphasis mine again. the finale:

 The assassination of Osama Bin Laden doesn’t signal a victory for Americans but rather a resounding alarm about the surreal state of affairs in which we Americans have landed, with President Obama at the helm, leading the charge to assassinate Americans and foreigners alike, and vicious beatings of all others who express dissent and stand in the way of the United States Government. We must finally set our sights on neither the Democrats nor the Republicans, but instead put our faith for hope and change in a third party who will kick these vicious xenophobic, racist, brutal plutocrats out of office, and send their banker and insurance friends packing as well. Shame, President Obama, on you and all your “Democratic” colleagues.