An EPIC & PERSONAL take on the politics playing out

Posted on May 3, 2011


Cutting Planned Parenthood and Fixing the World — Feministe. It’s so wonderfully worded. this young woman is a bad ass.  If she was 21 I’d want to take her to a bar.

This isn’t abstract or distant or irrelevant to my life; it’s real and it’s scary and it’s fucking disgusting. The fact that the people running this country think that Planned Parenthood isn’t worthy of their valuable money is horrible and the fact that those people were elected, that the majority of people actually chose to give them power, is absurd. My general rule is that my opinions and politics should always be on the side of choice (unless you’re trying tobring a gun to class), but apparently most people do not abide by that, which would be fine if those same people weren’t trying to take away rights that I believe are necessary and fair and essential to my freedom. My beliefs aren’t effecting anyone else’s life, won’t restrict anyone from doing anything, and won’t force anyone into doing something that they don’t want to do. It would be nice if other people had enough respect for their fellow humans to adhere to the same principle.

The fact that you have access to abortion services does not mean that you have to use them. The fact that there’s a place where you can go to get birth control does not mean that you have to go there. All that it means is that you have the option and, while some people may not want the option, it’s completely unfair and unwarranted to try to take that option away from people who want to make use of it. I don’t particularly care if people feel that there is something inherently wrong with the fact that I want to have sex but have no intention of having a baby, but I care if they get in the way of allowing me that small liberty and I care that they think that their opinions are worth more than mine or that they have the right to tell me what I am and am not allowed to do with my body when apparently even I don’t have that right. 

emphasis mine. brilliance with words, hers.