an old article re: sarah palin & the women’s movement

Posted on May 10, 2011


Turning the women’s movement on its head | The Honolulu Advertiser | Hawaii’s Newspaper. I stumbled upon this article whilst looking up significant moments in the women’s movement (specifically the battered women’s movement) here in Hawaii.  I read A LOT of articles about Sarah Palin and feminism and how she’s harmful or helpful to the movement.. i mean a whole shit ton of them during the elections.  This one, however, hi lighted aspects that perhaps i forgot or glossed over in the onslaught of information during this woman’s hay day.  It’s still super relevant:

The Emergence of Sarah Palin is actually the Return of Supermom. Mother of five, moose killer and marathoner, she was back at work three days after her son’s birth, juggling a Blackberry and a breast pump while making Helen Reddy look like a slacker. Call her a role model or a parody, but the fresh face of 2008 looks like the exhausted face of the 1980s.

The conservative virtue of Sarah Palin’s life is that she doesn’t need anything from anyone outside the family. She isn’t lobbying for, say, maternity leave, equal pay or universal pre-K. Let alone universal health insurance. Or college tuition breaks, especially for that soon-to-be-teen-mom and her soon-to-be husband. Compare this to the actual Wal-Mart mom juggling day care fees and gas bills, fantasizing about a job with benefits and the flexibility to be home when the kids are sick.

Somehow the original women’s movement slogan, “The personal is political,” has been turned on its head. It’s more fun to talk about the candidate’s family and eyeglasses than Iraq and the recession. If Bush was the guy you wanted to have a beer with, Palin is the gal you want to go to aerobics with. The political is waaay too personal.