Stop Rape Now – Take Action

Posted on May 26, 2011


Stop Rape Now – Take Action. and seriously check this out, this is amazing. of course i support and appreciate this effort, i just think it would be pretty difficult to end rape as a tactic of war when nobody anywhere really takes it seriously in general. you know, when cops can get away with it. when it happens every day. when we ALL know someone who has been raped.  i’m behind this one hundred percent. i think the more energy focused on this from multiple angles the better. i just feel pessimistic about our society today. My thoughts on a comprehensive grassroots movement to end rape/sexual assault (only the first one is in order, the rest should happen simultaneously): 1. define it and get the word out (educate) 2. bring to justice those who rape others even if they are “important” (accountability) 3. provide victim-centered services 4. challenge the norms which allow this kind of misogyny to continue

of course efforts like this are under way, right now, nationwide (worldwide, really).  It’s super similar to the Domestic Violence movement, which also isn’t getting much attention or making huge progress (not that progress isn’t made daily).  Something in the approach needs to be shaken up. HOW we reach out to people.  Sexual Assault/Rape activists have done a really good job getting on the interwebs and reaching young people. I hope the DV movement follows suit.

and one thing people really need to realize is that it’s not really about gender anymore. when it comes to the actual crimes, yes.  when it comes to misunderstandings, biases, and the over all supporting of rape culture, women are to blame too. women buy into it, victimize other women, etc.

anyway, check it. DO something.