High School Student Stands Up Against Prayer at Public School and Is Ostracized, Demeaned and Threatened

Posted on May 27, 2011


High School Student Stands Up Against Prayer at Public School and Is Ostracized, Demeaned and Threatened | Belief | AlterNet.  First of all, it’s nothing new that if you hinder the “rights” of this religious majority to force their belief system on you, YOU are the bad guy. We see it play out over and over again, which is why sooooo many people don’t even bother arguing the legitimacy of our christian supremacy.  Yeah, i said it. Christian Supremacy.  That’s the only way, the only language I can think of, to explain what is going on.  So first, the story:

Before we get into the details, let’s be clear about the facts and the law: Nobody — not Fowler, not the ACLU, nobody — is telling anybody at Bastrop High School that they can’t pray. People can pray at graduations and other school events all they want. The sole issue here is whether a public school can have a prayer at a graduation or other school event as an official, school-sponsored part of the program

This kid isn’t even saying that Christianity is wrong, he’s not (to my knowledge) making a big stink about it.  He didn’t feel like being subjected to a religious prayer and so he did something about it, he even did it the right way! He didn’t contact the media, he didn’t start a frenzy (like many of us would).  He made a phone call to the correct person and handled it in a pretty freaking mature way.  yeah, he did say if they had the prayer anyway he would contact the ACLU.. what else would make them actually take him seriously?

My question is.. why is this such a big deal??????? Christians don’t want gays to marry because it’s somehow affecting them (one example of how they feel they are infringed upon), yet they feel completely entitled to subjecting others to their beliefs left and right: teaching intelligent design a la Christianity in public schools? should be ok even though hella people (even Christians) don’t believe in creationism anymore.  Prayers at publicly funded institutions even when they make participants there uncomfortable? oh well.  We cannot let our precious tax dollars go to Planned Parenthood to help prevent STIs, cancer, etc etc, but we absolutely can let it go to oppressing and ostracizing some of our students. We absolutely can put it to use there.

Entitlement is such a funny thing.

It’s a law and a Constitution that protects everybody, not just atheists. If you wouldn’t want to be subjected to a government-sponsored Buddhist prayer, you ought not to be subjecting others to a government-sponsored Christian prayer.

but that’s why part of the new message being put out by tea partiers and other religious patriots is that the country WAS founded on religion and therefore it’s okay to force christianity onto people, it’s in the very foundation of our government.  they were christian, we all must be christian.

yeah, they may have been religious but they still came here to “escape” from religious oppression and believed that religious persecution was absolutely not okay.

and to rape and pillage.

I dunno, I just get confused when the religious right feels infringed upon when others stand up for their rights. but that is the very nature of privilege and entitlement. I just expect more.. logic and rational from people, i guess. even though i understand why they feel that way.. it’s systemic. there has to be a way to dialogue across this difference though, there has to. What would someone who supports prayer in school say to the thought of having a hindu prayer in school? A buddhist prayer? A wiccan/pagan ritual?

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