radical christian presidency and double standards

Posted on May 28, 2011


god-calls-on-michele-bachmann-to-run-for-president from freakoutnation.com – StumbleUpon.

She also promoted her tea party resume, stating the people “want something new and different. They don’t want anything that reflects the status quo or the establishment. I think the tea party movement has made that very clear, that they don’t want Washington as usual.”

at this point, I think we all know Michelle Bachmann is a “wackadoo” as my mother would put it. Lady’s nuts.  And yet she’s tolerated (at worst) by everyone.  There is a HUGE double standard here, and I think it reflects a national bias against progressivism as well as a very clear media bias.  Maybe conservatives, especially the religious right, are just better squawkers, better at making noise and creating a frenzy over anything.  Imagine for a second a political figure, man or woman, get on television and say that after meditating for three days they felt a calling to run for president?  Imagine a presidential candidate, who is a democrat, saying they don’t want the status quo, that they and their constituents don’t want to go with the establishment?

Well, lets see, it’s happening all over the country when people say “no, I don’t want to pray in public schools” or “no, i don’t buy into your idea of marriage” or “no, i don’t think the wealth gap in our country is okay and we should take restorative measures to equal out the playing field for everyone”… these are all ideals that directly confront the status quo.  Progressive peoples nationwide have been trying to go against the status quo forever, but when they do it, it’s EVIL. It’s socialistmarxistcommunist dirty red propaganda, indoctrinating of our youth, an evil conspiracy to take over america.

So imagine for a moment a radical presidential candidate, like Ms. Bachmann, but on the left.  Pretty sure she or he would be burned at the stake…

just a thought.