Old Navy & Gay PRIDE. Immigration.

Posted on May 29, 2011


Old Navy is selling “It Get’s Better” Pride Tshirts:

Aside from a few luxury designer brands printing limited edition gay-themed t-shirts, and American Apparel’s Legalize Gay line (which by the way, the company keeps 100% of the proceeds from), no other major retailer has ever had the LGBT community’s back in such a major way.

I’m sorry for not being stoked off this amazing “pro-gay” stance.  Yes, it’s nice that ONE (or two) companies are not so utterly repulsed by queers or their impending homosexual agenda to take down america that they will cater to us.  Do I think this means Old Navy “has my back”? Um, no. (does Old Navy also have the backs of the QQIA community? just wondering..) Gay Pride is a moneymaker.  In general, the queer community is a cash cow, let’s not lie (some say capitalism CREATED the gay identity).   And it has been well documented that when the queer community wants to support or boycott something, it’s felt.  Queers and Capitalism have gone hand in hand for a while, why wouldn’t an intelligent company use this for their gain? They are donating a portion of the profits, which means that more bleeding hearts will buy them because it’s for a good cause and they can feel less selfish about buying something awesome.  Now, all that being said.. Am I going to buy one of these shirts? FUCK YES! And I will rock the shit out of it. But that doesn’t mean that I have to be all giddy because some major company is “accepting” me. it’s like thanking someone for not kicking you to the ground.. thanking someone for being a decent person.. but that’s not even it, because they’re profiting off of it!  We can rock it, support their capitalistic endeavors, while still keeping our conscientização in tact. aaannyyywayyy, this is the shirt i’m gonna get: 


Truthout has a story about immigration issues in Europe and how different and similar they are to what we face here:

The liberal paradise of secular Western Europe, with its enviable health care, schools, transit systems and pension benefits, is a product of affluence, of economies fueled by a constant infusion of young workers and consumers. That entire structure totters on a cliff today, not because of a Muslim immigration wave but because of Europe’s own plummeting fertility and soaring retirement population.

It’s interesting to me that nowhere in the article was it mentioned that these immigrants come from areas that europeans have colonized, pillaged, and stolen resources from for centuries.. just like the U.S.  We helped to create environments where people cannot thrive in their countries and when they do whatever they need to in order to survive, which may include a deadly-dangerous treck across the border, “work” that could be called enslavement, and constant threat of being caught, we villainize them.  “THEY are so bad, trying to take what’s ours! They will ruin our healthcare and welfare and education bla bla bla”  well, we ruined their chances of a functioning country so….. karma? The comments section is pretty interesting too. (also, interesting how we talk about this “us” vs. “them” mentality so much… the United States initials literally are a capital US…. combining rhetoric with the metaphysical, that’s fascinating)