PC-ness & “terrorists”; the I.M.F. & ethics; Oil Prices; Internet & Free Information

Posted on May 29, 2011


You’ve gotta love how the Good Old Party cares not for facts, or research; how they don’t give two shits about supporting the ludicrous claims they make; how once they have been proven wrong or exposed they still will not acquiesce – in fact they act as if it never happened. This article talks about how Paul Broun is re-squawking this idea that “they” are more likely to be terrorists than “us”:

Republican Congressman Paul Broun is back, this time on Fox News, and he’s not retreating from his demand that the TSA start focusing on the “real” terrorists, which apparently might include anyone in “Arabian attire.”

I guess he was MIA during the Peter King hearings earlier this year wherein it was brought to light via this report that Arabic people pose less of a threat than racist americans (who, by the way, are being validated in their ideologies when government officials like King and Broun perpetuate this kind of xeonophobia). According to Broun, “political correctness isn’t saving any lives”.  It’s jeopardizing us not to suspect that any brown person is a threat. Based on… what?  Where is the evidence?  Because what I have seen, and blogged about, says that crazy white people are more of a threat than people in “arabian attire”.. so if we don’t need to be PC about racial profiling in the name of safety.. can we start holding white people accountable finally?

Here’s an article about powerful people, money, hierarchy, ethics, and a dash of sex assault:

“There are a lot of controls in place when it comes to the staff, but not for the leadership,” said Katrina Campbell, a compliance and ethics expert at Global Compliance.

The I.M.F.’s ethics policy has come under intense scrutiny in recent weeks since the arrest of its managing director, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, on charges of sexually assaulting a hotel housekeeper in New York. Mr. Strauss-Kahn, who denies the charges, has resigned his position at the fund.

In 2007, Ms. Campbell carried out a study of the fund’s ethics policies for the fund’s Independent Evaluation Office. It found that the board lacked satisfactory procedures for disciplining its own members or the managing director for ethical lapses.

not so surprising.  Capitalism and evil go hand in hand. Also, i had to goolge I.M.F. and was appalled, but again not surprised.

CNN has an article wherein the Prince of Saudi Arabia said he wants oil prices to go down.  I feel as if I could spend two hours deconstructing that, researching, etc. It’s such a loaded topic, and the article glosses over so much. however, now is not the time.

And here’s an article about the private companies which are shaping what we see on the internet:

It’s not just that search results are being tailored to particular individuals. It is also that content that used to exist on the open Internet has migrated to proprietary systems such as Facebook, which restrict speech in ways the government cannot. For example, Facebook prohibits speech that “contains nudity.” The government cannot censor mere depictions of nudity, and of course many famous works of art feature nudity. This is not a hypothetical problem. Facebook removed this from the New York Academy of Art ‘s Facebook page. It has removed many other artistic images as well.

While there isn’t anything wrong with a person making a knowing and voluntary choice to join an online community that places restrictions on speech — and in fact, the First Amendment protects the right to associate free from government interference — it’s worrying to think about the possibility of these closed systems hollowing out the freer speech realm of the open Internet.

Aside from the privacy laws issues and other murmerings of this kind, I don’t think that many people (including myself) have stopped to think about the fact that facebook is not just open internet. There is no guarantee of free speech or no interference. It is taken as a neutral tool and i think is becoming synonymous with the internet itself, which is a worrisome thought.  The tailored search engine results is a catch 22 for me.