Demand “compromise” in deficit reduction (a petition.. super easy activism)

Posted on May 31, 2011


Cut Defense Spending and End the Bush Tax Cuts.  Our government is supposed to represent us. Use your voice. I agree with this cause. I take issue with the rhetoric however:

There’s been a lot of talk in Washington lately about ways to cut the deficit. Time and time again, this talk has been focused solely on Medicare and Social Security.

These talks have not solely focused on Medicare and Social Security.  It’s far more drastic than that. It has focused on education, it’s focused on social services across the board, from comprehensive sexual healthcare for teens (and everyone) including pregnancy prevention and sti screenings to afterschool programs to DV shelters/programs etc.

And yet, two of the biggest “800 pound gorillas” in the room go ignored — the Bush tax cuts, and military spending.

I do think these are issues being danced around.  However, to simply call them the “bush tax cuts” ignores the fact that OBAMA REINSTATED THEM. Are we so dedicated to party lines that we cannot speak the truth? As if admitting he did something we disagree with means republicans are a better choice, hah! they’re both horrible!

Write Congress today, and demand that any deficit deal include cuts to defense spending, and an end to the Bush tax cuts.

DO something.