Super Easy Activism.. an Idea

Posted on May 31, 2011


I’ve been toying with the idea recently to post more “easy activism” stuff. I enjoy passing along (and deconstructing when i have time/energy) news articles, blogs, and silly things on occasion because I have a feeling that people are not seeking out this information the way I am, but maybe if it’s right in front of them they’ll take a look.  I also do it because it is a way for me to expel the energy i have pent up inside of me when I read this stuff.  I have had some positive feedback from friends and acquaintances tell me they appreciate what I do, and that’s cool. People say (which people, i wonder.. but seriously i need to get to bed so cannot research) information is power. knowledge is power. I believe it. But it’s only powerful if you do something with it. If you pass it on, if you engage with it via conversation with another person or in a piece of art or writing or even consciously altering a small part of yourself because of it, if you take a concrete action around it. I think that these online petitions are a good way to use our voices in the political world.  I sign them and send them off quite frequently, and I’m constantly getting responses from my legislators, which are most likely automated, but the fact that I am being directly acknowledged means there is a record somewhere of what I, a constituent, said. My thoughts on how things should be.  I think there’s something pretty powerful in that.  We (collectively being used to encompass first world nations, especially younger people) say that the internet is innovative, is changing the way we interact with our world.  Look what it is doing for activists in other countries… why can we not harness this for ourselves?

So watch out for more opportunities to have your voice heard. You could even take a leap receive updates from the organizations that put out the petitions (MoveOn, for example). The emails can be kind of annoying, in my opinion. But i get a LOT of newsletters and updates.  And sometimes I just ignore them, and I think that’s okay because boundaries are important.  But it is so easy for me to do a search of my inbox (or even make a folder to put those emails in.. which I’m going to do now) and see if there’s anything I feel like signing.  Once your info is saved you can go through numerous petitions in just a few minutes.. trust me, i’ve done it 🙂 It’s like trolling for social justice. And it can be a way to learn about new issues.

Over all I want to incorporate new opportunities for activism with my posts. Thought without Action is just as bad as Action without Thought.