Indiana Abortion Showdown

Posted on June 6, 2011


Indiana Abortion Showdown Could Cost State $4.3 Billion. Seriously I am impressed, enraged, and a little afraid of the organized assault on women’s reproductive rights.  That the debate around what a woman can do with her body is being taken to such an extreme says a few things to me, namely how polarized our nation is becoming, how strong the male desire to control women is (especially as a backlash to their growing achievements), and that women are apathetic to their own causes.  From the article:

The willingness of Indiana, led by a Republican governor and GOP-controlled Legislature, to challenge the federal government and risk a huge financial penalty could take the issue into uncharted legal and political territory. Conservative leaders in other states will be watching the confrontation as they plan their own action on abortion and other social issues.

“I think this is an instance in which a state is really trying to overturn national policy and in so doing is likely to forego federal funding,” said Christopher Arterton, professor of political management at George Washington University and an expert on federal-state issues.

Is Indiana willing to risk $4.3 billion in Medicaid money to strike a blow for the right-to-life movement? Some conservative members of Republican-controlled legislatures argue it’s time for states to risk serious penalties to defend their principles and throw off federal mandates. And the Medicaid program, with its rising costs and strict rules, has been a particular target of ire.

I wonder what the GOP would do if a state decided to overturn the provisions of the patriot act that were just extended, or something that benefits them.  I find it interesting that these people are the one hell-bent on liberties, freedom, limited government interference, bla bla bla bla bla.  And of course here they are saying yet again “We don’t care that this is illegal, we don’t care that we’re invading your life, it’s our way or no way”.

Also, what is the point of being a country, a united front, if states can pick and choose what they want to abide by?  Where are checks and balances?  Isn’t ignoring federal law and not receiving federal funding just a few stops short of seceding?