Lesbian granddaughter of state Sen. Ruben Diaz speaks

Posted on June 7, 2011


Lesbian granddaughter of state Sen. Ruben Diaz blasts him over stance against same-sex marriage – NYPOST.com.  This takes so much courage… I am so inspired by her strength in finding her voice…

I am the gay granddaughter of Albany’s most outspoken marriage-equality opponent. Until now, out of love, I closeted my feelings about my family’s patriarch, who has so vehemently denounced gay rights.

But my grandfather should know that as he continues to skewer the marriage-equality bill on the radio, television and in newspapers, I am listening and reading. And I’ve finally conjured the courage to stand up for what is right…

When I was younger, marriage equality was not an issue for me. But now, as my grandfather ceaselessly and callously comments on the issue, each and every word stings, since I live with my girlfriend of 2½ years, Naomi Torres, and our two sons, Jared and Jeremiah Munoz.

This fight is personal.