Anthony Weiner: In defense of the crotch shot

Posted on June 10, 2011


Anthony Weiner scandal: In defense of the crotch shot. – By Annie Lowrey – Slate Magazine. This should be the last time i post about Weiner.  And obviously I’m not posting because I think it’s relevant news that he sent pictures of his junk to women.  I think the conversations that have erupted since the scandal are what’s really interesting.  What do women find sexy? Are there differences between what men and women might want to see pictures of? I also think it gave women a chance to say “hey, this is what i like, this is what i don’t”.. of course in mainstream conversations these have mostly been self-fulfilling sexist ideals. This article from Slate included some new ideas that I hadn’t heard in the dialogue, except for briefly:

That is where I mount my earnest, if lonely, defense of the erotic potential of the crotch shot: When it comes to what is sexy, context matters….

…Penises might not be the most empirically beautiful things to look at. But they are erotic implements…

Such subtlety is sorely missing from all the stories pooh-poohing the bulge shot, and the press is taking Weiner’s photographs as emblematic of a whole very personal genre. Viewed in the light of scandal, the congressman’s shots telegraph a cavalier narcissism and an unappealing, juvenile randiness. They are not sexy. They are depressing. But that’s my criticism, and it is germane to Weiner, not to all wieners everywhere—they’ve had a bad enough week, as is.