real talk: wtf is wrong with the wisconsin gop?

Posted on June 11, 2011


Wis. GOPer Insists He Didn’t Know About Fake ‘Democrats’ Strategy For Recalls | TPMDC.

As TPM has reported, Wisconsin Republicans have pushed a plan to frustrate Democratic efforts in the state Senate recalls by running fake Democratic candidates, thus forcing primaries and delaying the general elections from July to August.

This kind of bullshit is what the american people – in theory – have been opposed to for so long.  I say in theory because no real action has been taken to oppose it.  Growing up all I heard was how stupid this two party drama is, how it’s back and forth of them trying to get power from one another.  I think that process is on steroids in Wisconsin.  Instead of focusing on real issues, they’re trying to figure out how to trick people and benefit from it.  They are not interested in a truly democratic process, or what’s best for the people (unless it’s in a completely paternalistic “we know what’s best” kind of interest for the people.. which isn’t how a representative government should work, i believe).  As someone in the comments section notes, hopefully this will reinvigorate the anger of people in Wisconsin.  this is why these people are up for recall in the first place.  Because they have no respect for people or the process.  I wonder what their supporters say of this latest update. Seriously, I’d be super curious.

Part of me wonders if Wisconsin was a testing ground for the lager GOP… to see how much they could get away with.  Or if it really was just a perfect storm of events.

Also, I think politics of all kinds will devolve to this unless radical shifts are made. It’s easy to watch this trainwreck happen from across the country.. let’s not wait till it’s at our front door.