For Hawaii Grads, Social Studies on Chopping Block

Posted on June 21, 2011


Honolulu Civil Beat – For Hawaii Grads, Social Studies on Chopping Block – Article. When I read news like this, it’s hard not to believe there’s a conspiracy against educating our kids so they will be more easily manipulated:

The recommendationgets rid of theBOE Recognition diploma, reduces the number of credits required to graduate and increases the number of elective course opportunities for students. But to give students more time to take electives, the department has proposed requiring only three social studies courses in the future, instead of the four currently required.

The proposal comes on the heels of reports that students all over the nation arelagging in their understandingof U.S. history. Hawaii has once againreceived a ‘C’for its U.S. history standards.

Despite nearly five hours of discussion and testimony, the committee voted to forward the department’s recommendation to the full board, with an amendment to implement it in 2016 — two years sooner than the department planned. The recommendation will now go to the teachers union for a 45-day “consult and confer” period before going on to the full board for a vote on Aug. 16.

And the student representative didn’t like the change either.  So sad. This is also what happens when you run schools like businesses