INCOGNEGRO: Undercover as a Black Conservative at Right Online During Netroots Nation (Part 1)

Posted on June 21, 2011


INCOGNEGRO: Undercover as a Black Conservative at Right Online During Netroots Nation (Part 1) – Jack & Jill Politics. This is an epic read. READ IT!


The funny thing is that if you extract the crazy bits (like how Michelle Bachmann claimed that Obama wants to destroy Medicare so he can roll them into Obamacare), the right sounded a lot like the left at times. Both sides are concerned about the nation that their children and children’s children might inherit. Everyone’s concerned about the energy and economic crises. Yet, I couldn’t help but notice that the speakers at Netroots Nation offered a wider set of solutions while at Right Online really only 4 solutions were offered, particularly the first 2:

  • Cut all taxes forever
  • Drill wherever natural gas or oil can be found no matter the environmental cost nor the (very) short term gain
  • Destroy (reform in their words) Medicare
  • Repeal Obamacare
…….What we saw there is a movement desperate to re-invigorate itself and willing to throw just a ton of money at the increasing problem of a shrinking base. I’ll tell you what — if I was the GOP, I’d be supporting Obamacare. Because they’ll want those seniors and boomers to live as long as possible because once they stop voting and a new generation takes its place, conservatives will either need to update its tune or risk its movement dying. It’s going to take more than just teaching 60 year olds “blogging 101″ and “twitter 101″ to remain relevant in a rapidly changing society with new challenges that our founders just didn’t anticipate and for which we will need to generate new solutions.
……..I think next year, we should have an exchange of tickets, like 100 on either side, to exchange ideas. Could be fun! Maybe we can then focus on what we have in common rather than what separates us.


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