Momma Spider

Posted on June 23, 2011


There was a teeny tiny little spider momma who decided to make her tiny egg sack right under the ledge of my bedroom window.  I wanted to get them both outside safely together, but I was worried once I started messing with them the momma would run off, lost in the mess that is my bedroom for all eternity.  I was also afraid that microscopic spider babies would be set free if i messed up and sliced the egg sack.. they would be impossible to see and would probably crawl in my ears at night.  I was freaked out.  So I made my friend who’s here visiting do it.  With a cup and some card stock paper he scooped them into a cup.  The weirdest thing was, the momma didn’t even move!  She was holding on the the eggs.  I thought it was super neat.

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