Republicans bail on debt talks because….

Posted on June 23, 2011


they’re acting like small, egocentric children.  (BBC News – Republicans walk out of debt talks with Joe Biden.) Because the democrats (and plenty of american people) know that the only way they’re going to get out of this horrible mess is by taxing the super rich, those people who have hoarded money over the last few decades and are starving the rest of the nation:

They say that such tax increases – amounting to as much as $400bn (£249bn) on corporations and the wealthy, according to the Washington Post – will stifle economic recovery.

What a bunch of bullshit.  Because people who have 10 billion dollars being taxed more than someone with 200,000 dollars will bankrupt them. Everyone in this country has suffered because of the greed of a few hundred elites.  But all of this is besides the point.  The fact that republicans are going to be small children and just leave these negotiations which need to happen because of a disagreement makes me think of two questions:

1. are they listening to the logic behind a tax increase on the wealthiest people in our country? are they even trying to meet half way, or are they continuing to dig their heels in if they don’t get their way on everything?

2. have they been bought?

well they definitely have other solutions: take more from the people who have less! it’s obviously the logical and best thing for the nation as a whole, AMIRITE?

The Democrats oppose Republican proposals for steep cuts to health and retirement programmes.

It clearly makes more sense to starve the rest of the country so a few hundred people can hoard all the money and build islands and buy countries and influence global politics. I wonder when people will see past the curtain of “morals” into what the GOP really seems to be all about…

by the way, the same people who are hoarding money, influencing politics at home and abroad are the same people who control the media and pop culture. just food for thought.