Posted on June 23, 2011


First, I think it’s super wack how humans think they own the ocean.  Motherfuckers, you don’t own the ocean! Nothing owns the ocean; many creatures inhabit it, and humans aren’t even one of them!  We are the last beings who should claim dominion of the freaking ocean.  Let alone get mad when other people “encroach” on whatever space we think we own.  So that’s fun.

good news~ a “solid majority” of americans believe in a woman’s right to choose.   Will that change anything? Probably not, because there is a minority of individuals who think the rest of the country should live under what they deem appropriate. The executive summary also notes how, according to their research, it’s more publicly acceptable to say/be “pro choice” than “pro life”.  I really think that is a success on how activists deconstructed the shit out of the pro life nonsense – both by pointing out hypocrisies, cases wherein those “pro life” people were only pro life re: abortion, but also by pointing out that most people are pro life. Who is going to say “yeah, i’m all in favor of killing”? It was a cheap attempt to position pro choice activists as anti life, and it failed. moving on. I thought it was interesting that this research showed millenials are less supportive of abortion than people may think.  Which is interesting when compared to an article (that i just searched for for 35 minutes and can’t find for the life of me!) i read saying millenials were down with comprehensive sex and and easy access to contraception.  Interesting, either way.

Apparently there have been “sweeping” revisions made re: rules for suspected terrorists.  This makes me nervous for two reasons. 1. human rights will be stripped away no doubt, 2. it only talks about a certain kind of terrorist.  You know, the brown kind.  Are there new rules in place for domestic terrorists? For people who, for ideological reasons, think it’s okay to kill people of another race, gender, religion or political affiliation?  Does the US government care that most cases of terrorism that happen here are by our “own” people against ourselves?  Nope, because it doesn’t fit the agenda.  Oh and the best part is that the public doesn’t know what this entails yet, it was voted for behind closed doors and it hasn’t been released to us.  Gotta love our government’s transparency.

just for fun, look at these pictures of rainbow Britain. so beautiful.

This is good for a couple laughs… kinda.  The GOP women want to let all of us other women out there know, that the GOP is pro woman!  I’m glad feministing got to this first. and i, too, love Anne’s remark:

“A woman candidate is not the same thing as a woman’s candidate.” Just because a woman supports anti-woman policies doesn’t mean that they aren’t anti-woman. And all this Republicans talk about jobs jobs jobs doesn’t change the fact that they have, in fact, been “focused like a laser on your uterus.”

But really, it goes beyond that.  These women get up on the floor and saying things like:

Mr Speaker my agenda and the Republican agenda is indeed pro-women. It is pro-woman because it’s pro-small business, pro-job creater, pro-family, and pro-economic growth.

Well, lady, you support all these the way they currently are, which is to enrich the lives of men, not women (and quite often at the expense of women).  This country and it’s policies were not made with women in mind.  At all.  To believe otherwise is blatantly foolish.  Who, in their right mind, is going to say “no, i do not support creating jobs, i do not support small businesses”? It’s how you support things like “the family” and how you choose to define that for the rest of the fucking country. What’s sad is that these women probably are completely unaware of how phallogocentric our world is, how utterly patriarchal and oppressive to their very existence.  We all have choices: we can become what society wants to create us as (a play thing, mostly), we can say fuck that and become powerful (as in taking on masculine traits and adhering to the word around us to “make it” in their eyes and within this system), or we can say fuck it all, fuck the entire system, it’s broken, and deconstruct the shit out of life and live by new rules that feel true.  Or some amalgamation of those.  These ladies obviously picked the second.

And on this topic of men vs. women… is gender even relevent? Is it coming to an end? :

Because there is a growing societal awareness of gender consciousness and of a certain blurriness of genders, the question “Is it a boy or a girl?” may not just be for expectant parents anymore.

And so what? Does gender matter? In a country with the ideal of treating everyone fairly and equitably, do we really need to know if someone is a boy or a girl? These questions are driving decisions and actions around the country….

In an interview, Spade makes a passionate pitch for the elimination of gender categorization in most government record-keeping. “I really don’t think that data needs to be on our IDs or gathered by most agencies and institutions,” Spade says. Tagging someone as female or male “enforces binary gender norms and it pretends that gender is a more stable category of identity than it actually is.”

Spade says, “I can see why we might want institutions to be aware of gender at a general level in order to engage in remediation of the sexism and transphobia that shape our world.”

first, i think gender is an irrelevent mechanizm to make people behave a certain way… whether or not that’s how it started is irrelevent, because that’s what it is now.  Dean Spade hits it right on the mark.  He is the new judith butler.  and i would so love to be his life partner, he’s so sexysmart!