Dutch MPs vote to ban religious slaughter

Posted on June 28, 2011


Dutch MPs vote to ban religious slaughter – Europe – Al Jazeera English.

A bill which would ban halal and kosher slaughter methods has passed through the Dutch parliament, despite opposition from Muslim and Jewish groups who say a ban would impinge on their religious freedoms.


But the Party for Animals, the main proponents of the proposed law, argue that sparing animals needless pain and distress outweighs religious groups’ rights to follow their respective slaughter practices.

more interesting!  I wonder how something like this would go down in america.  It makes me think of the circumcision ban they’re trying to pass in california. I find it ironic (?) that religious groups get suuuper pissed if you talk about legislation impeding their religious beliefs, however they are fine creating bills based on their religious beliefs which affect people’s lives.
I’m a fan of animals suffering as little as possible if they must be killed (i’m a mostly vegetarian).  I’m also a fan of seeing animal rights as a legitimate issue, since they are intelligent beings.  However, i’m not a fan of laws restricting religion.  I wonder if there could ever be some sort of compromise, wherein the government allowed the religious exemption license while simultaneously people who perform these types of slaughters examine and deconstruct the method and the reasoning behind it.  Perhaps agreements could be made?
Also i find it interesting that there is no voice from the muslim community in this article… Just my musings…