Farmers and Humane Society Urge Federal Standard

Posted on July 7, 2011


Giving Hens More Room – Farmers and Humane Society Urge Federal Standard –

The deal comes after the egg industry has been put increasingly on the defensive. Animal welfare groups have clandestinely recorded videos showing poor conditions on farms, and various states have sought to set more humane standards for hens. Egg producers have also been struggling to improve their image after tainted eggs from several farms in Iowa sickened thousands of people in a nationwidesalmonella outbreak last year.

so… basically we’re interpreting this as Factory Farmers (which I think should be distinguished from regular small local farmers… and this article fails to mention) were wankers, people found out and now they have to appear to be more trustworthy.  Cynical? yes.  Believable? Absolutely.  But maybe they do get it…

Ina statementThursday, the National Pork Producers Council said that a federal law regulating living conditions for hens “would set a dangerous precedent for allowing the federal government to dictate how livestock and poultry producers raise and care for their animals.”…

…“That’s part of what we have to do, as United Egg Producers, is talk with these other groups and hopefully get them to see our point of view,” said Mr. Krouse, an Indiana egg farmer. “We understand their concerns, but this is about egg producers, this is a solution that we’ve found for us.”

because giving animals enough space to move around and express their natural behavior is “dangerous precedent”.  It’s bad enough all these poor animals are raised for the sole purpose of “feeding” people… mostly americans… who will waste most of the food produced anyway. Hence the “.