A Teen Feminist Calls the Westboro Baptist Church

Posted on July 17, 2011


A Teen Feminist Calls the Westboro Baptist Church | fbomb. i love everything about this… especially the fact that a young woman took the initiative to call people up and ask them point blank what they thought of feminism. More of us should be doing stuff like this.

Alright, cool. So anybody who defines themself as a feminist probably doesn’t have the, um, a proper fear of the lord. I’m not trying to throw a big blanket over the whole thing, but what I’m saying is, the kinds of things that you’ve talked about, the kinds of aspects of feminism that you’ve already talked about — equal pay, equal treatment under the law — that doesn’t have anything to do with feminism. And certainly we’re not opposed to anything like that, but I will tell you that some aspects of quote-on-quote feminism is, I think the Westboro Baptist Church absolutely has a problem with. And that is, that would be stuff like this: Um, the bible says “I suffer not a woman to teach,” so the idea of a woma— of female preachers in the pulpits in the churches . . .


  • Someone who doesn’t think women are fit to teach anyone with a male appendage,
  • someone who thinks wives should keep their mouths shut rather than have opinions of their own, and
  • someone who thinks women shouldn’t even be allowed to cut their freaking hair.

I’ve thought a lot about this since yesterday. I’ve stewed over it. Rued over it. And as drunkenly ridiculous as this may sound, I think America needs groups like the Westboro Baptist Church to crop up every once in a while. Why? Because they show us the wrong way to live. They show us what hate really looks like, thereby solidifying many of our beliefs in true justice, love, tolerance, and equality.

So thank you, WBC, for being such major jackasses!

And remember kiddies, if the Westboro Baptist Church hates you, that must mean you’re doing something right!