What the hell is “non-consensual sex?”

Posted on July 27, 2011


What the hell is “non-consensual sex?”. SERIOUSLY! you want to know how rape culture spreads?  shit like this

Seriously, what the fuck is “non-consensual sex?”

There is no such thing. Sex is something that happens when the parties involved are all consenting. Rape isn’t sex, it’s an act of violence, and if there’s no consent it’s rape. (I can’t believe I actually just wrote that. Haven’t feminists already made this one clear, over and over and over and over and over again?)


But the media has a responsibility to report ethically about sexual violence.

If members of the media have been informed the accusations are of actions that would be defined as rape, they should call it that. If the information is more vague, they should say sexual assault. Repeating The Oregonian’s “sexual encounter,” calling an act of violence a “sex scandal,” and spreading the dangerous false category of “non-consensual sex” is lazy, irresponsible journalism. And it’s part of how rape culture spreads.

well, i for one am not going to be holding my breath on this whole… media and ethical responsibility piece.

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