the ONLY reason i’m for Gay Marriage

Posted on August 10, 2011


S.F. gay married couple loses immigration battle. is so shit like this doesn’t happen anymore. There is no logical excuse for two life partners to have to go through this:

Citing the Defense of Marriage Act, the Obama administration denied immigration benefits to a married gay couple from San Francisco and ordered the expulsion of a man who is the primary caregiver to his AIDS-afflicted spouse.

and then people wonder why we are disappointed with the Obama administration…

Bradford Wells, a U.S. citizen, and Anthony John Makk, a citizen of Australia, were married seven years ago in Massachusetts. They have lived together 19 years, mostly in an apartment in the Castro district. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services denied Makk’s application to be considered for permanent residency as a spouse of an American citizen, citing the 1996 law that denies all federal benefits to same-sex couples.

“I’m married just like any other married person in this country,” Wells said. “At this point, the government can come in and take my husband and deport him. It’s infuriating. It’s upsetting. I have no power, no right to keep my husband in this country. I love this country, I live here, I pay taxes and I have no right to share my home with the person I married.”

and that’s what it comes down to, folks.  a person’s rights.  The right to pursue happiness.  To be in love and have a family the way every single media outlet tries to coach us to do.  But because of some fake moral line that has been drawn in the sand some people’s relationships are more legitimate than others.  Just imagine for a second being with the person you love and have lived with for x amount of years being deported.

“Anyone can identify with the horror of having the government come in and destroy your family when you’ve done nothing wrong, and you’ve done everything right, followed every law,” Wells said.

Put your morality aside, because quite frankly what you think is morally acceptable doesn’t  shouldn’t mean shit when nobody is inflicting harm on anyone else, and other people’s legal rights are concerned.  And this is the only reason i’m “for” gay marriage.

I hate marriage as an institution.. i think it’s roots and the way it’s used to legitimize certain people over others (even hetero partners who just choose not to get married are harassed by friends and family to ‘tie the knot’) is just wrong.  I do not advocate for gay marriage in most cases. This, however, is mupu. Especially when on the one hand the Obama administration says DOMA is unconstitutional, yet doesn’t back it up with action:

“We are appealing to the Obama administration to begin to put into action what they’ve said repeatedly they can do,” said Immigration Equality spokesman Steve Ralls. “The Department of Homeland Security and ICE have said again and again that they can exercise discretion in individual cases, but they have not done so for a single gay or lesbian couple yet.”

lip service much?