The London riots are not mindless… the response is

Posted on August 11, 2011


Not Mindless | No Vacation. Check it:

To say “This act was mindless” is to say there was no causeworth caring about.  The very laws of science tell us that for an effect, there must be a cause.  So this approach is to so belittle that cause as to deem it irrelevant.  But look what that does!  LikeKrusty the Clownlikes to say “Don’t blame me, I didn’t do it!”

The people who argue this are usually the ones at fault.

I pointed out the insanity of ignoring the cause while only punishing the effect earlier.  Since then, I’ve read a very good article by a Londoner that you really ought to read.  But the surprising thing in all of this was the stunning silence on the cause from leadership.  Among those that did speak, they wanted to sweep it under the rug and reassure the people that they would bring safety.  Hence, quotes about petty criminals, thuggery, and “mindless” misbehavior.  Absolute safety is an impossible promise made to whitewash events; an attempt to scrub away mutual culpability for what we have at the moment: a leadership that is so clearly out of touch from its people, a media class that refuses any responsibility for influencing events, an economic class that shows little respect for long-term health of the multitudes, and an ever-expanding poverty class that has shrinking influence in the “legal” channels.  The better question is how did this not happen sooner?

emphasis mine. sound familiar? As Americans sit back and watch other countries around the world, musing and gossiping about the events, we fail to realize our time is coming.

The poor and disenfranchised pay the price for the excess of the wealthy.  Economics isn’t a sliding scale with only a finite amount of money, but the monied elites have made gains directly off of the backs of the poor for years now, and the widening gap has reached a pressure point.  Without proof that this arrangement is being fixed, there is no hope for lasting civility in London.

So what are we going to learn from this?

and what are we going to learn from this?  What is our global community learning? Are we?  In an age where critical thinking has gone out the window and altruism is seen as touchy feely nonsense, i am concerned.

But we’re not smart.  And I hold out little hope that any of this will happen.  Because up to now, the response has been, well…mindless.