The GOP debate in Iowa shockingly reveals the candidates are *completely* out of touch with women’s reality..

Posted on August 12, 2011


The GOP debate in Iowa reveals the candidates have no grasp of reproductive health « Dr. Jen Gunter.  I think, based on this years legislative sessions nationwide and the recent HHS ruling, it’s safe to say that abortion will be an even hotter topic than normal in the upcoming presidential race. Which is awesome in a lot of ways.  Having this debate out in the open will bring attention to it.  Yes, as we saw in the Iowa debate these people will say things that are utterly, flabbergastingly, false and misleading.  Thanks to this information-sharing age we are in people will be taking their rhetoric to task, deconstructing the shit out of it, and hopefully raising awareness on the issue.  Like this:

FIfty percent of pregnancies in the United States are unintended and 40% of these end in abortion (it works out to 22% of pregnancies resulting in abortion).  If candidates were serious about preventing abortion they wold talk about the data from 2006, which shows in that year publicly funded family planning services helped almost 2 million women avoid an unintended pregnancy by giving them access to affordable contraception, preventing 810,000 abortions.

There are no studies to support the idea that women feel victimized by abortion.

Laws do nothing to reduce the rate of abortion. They delay access by raising costs, thereby increasing the percentage of later term abortions.

Contraception prevents unplanned pregnancies, and therefore abortion.

If you want to prevent abortion, you need contraception.

The only logical conclusion is that contraception is pro-life.

And I’ll debate any GOP candidate on that subject anytime, anywhere.

And as an aside, abortion laws are expensive. Take the recent Kansas legislation designed to stop clinics from operating. The law was challenged (as they always are) and now the law is costing the tax payers money as it lumbers its way through the legal system. The country is bankrupt, we can’t keep paying to fight the same fight over and over and over again.

but who are we kidding? this has nothing to do with protecting women (and if they truly believe that, they should listen to women and what we feel we need), it has everything to do with morality that stems from religious diatribe which stems from the incessant need to control women and their sexuality.