This just in: Bi men are real! — Feministe

Posted on August 22, 2011


This just in: Bi men are real! — Feministe. shocking, i know!  This reminds me of a gay professor I had in college who taught fairly progressive courses, one of which was “living gay and lesbian lives” – this class changed my life.  However, one thing I had a real issue with was the fact that he said he didn’t think bisexual men existed.  I fought him contentiously because I had bisexual male friends.. one of whom was invited to speak to the class.  My professor still didn’t buy it in the end, and he said it was an “old school” thing.  I have a lot of bisexual male friends now, not just one anomaly.  Which of course leads me to question how acceptance of the LGBTQIA community and champions of the cause have paved the way for us to embrace all kinds of queerness.  Will younger generations see more bi (and other forms of sexuality that are not simply “gay” or “straight”) individuals?

While on one hand I am happy to see studies being done, being funded, to explore sexuality… why the hell do we need some “expert” to prove that members of our community exist?  Bi men aren’t the only one’s who aren’t surprised.  I have a lot of friends – not just men or women – who fall somewhere in between or outside of “gay” or “straight”…  so yeah, to me as a member of the queer community reading this article all i could think was “duh”.  But now, because of some study, human beings can be legitimized instead of pathologized, and both of these paths are in the hands of people who are not us.  And by “us” I don’t just mean queer people.  I mean regular, working, every day people.  Not scientists, or media, or people with some amount of power.  We the people don’t get to define ourselves, and never have.  This goes to a different level of extreme for people of color, women, trans people, etc.

So.. yay for bisexuality to be proven… but who the fuck needs someone else’s approval?  We should question the structures that dictate acceptance and legitimacy.