Clergy Sue To Stop Alabama’s Immigration Law

Posted on August 23, 2011


Clergy Sue To Stop Alabama’s Immigration Law : NPR.  well this is interesting:

Reverend Patrick, who runs the inner city ministry of the United Methodist church in Birmingham, says being a good Samaritan could now be illegal.

“This new legislation goes against the tenets of our Christian faith — to welcome the stranger, to offer hospitality to anyone,” she says

Some here see the issue through the lens of Alabama’s history, including Lawton Higgs, 71, a retired Methodist minister.

“And I’m a recovering racist, transformed by the great fruits of the civil rights movement in this city,” he says.

Higgs says he and his church were on the wrong side of that moral battle in the ’60s, so he’s pleased to see the churches entering the fray now. He likens Alabama’s immigration law to Jim Crow — legislating second-class status for illegal immigrants….

“You cannot tell a church that if there’s a man hungry out there, a family hungry out there, that they can’t feed them just because they don’t have a green card,” he says. “That’s not Christian.”

The churches may get clarification on the law after a Wednesday hearing in Birmingham federal court. A U.S. District Judge is considering whether to stop the law from going into effect Sept. 1, while all the legal challenges are sorted out.

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