American Ladies Beware! men want to boycott you

Posted on September 3, 2011


This is the second comment I’ve received on my blog talking about how horrible american women are. I just wanted to share because I find it really really fucking hilarious:

Courtesy of “John Rambo”:

Here is a blog written by a man named Zero Tolerance Man, and he hates American women even more than I do.

Just face it ladies, millions of American men are starting to become sick of you and reject you. Maybe if you American women didn’t act like such horrible bitches and sociopaths, men wouldn’t be rejecting and boycotting you. You whores have no one to blame but yourselves.

and while I knew i should have just left it, i felt utterly compelled to respond:

maybe if certain men weren’t so entitled and patriarchal women would care about these boycotts. Your rhetoric is inflamatory, I give you points for that – going for an emotional backlash is a good way to later “prove” how horrible women are (as if attacking someone with so much negative energy doesn’t warrant a hostile response), however it’s meaningless. calling us “bitches” and “whores” has been used against women for ages to get them to “behave” (ie – do what men say), “sociopaths” is new though… part of me is interested in what that means. Though most of me realizes your pathetic attempt at getting attention doesn’t really deserve my time (oh no! am i being a horrible bitch??), and yet here I am responding. damn my inherently inquisitive nature!

Maybe you could make more headway by putting out some positivity, explaining what you *do* demand, i mean enjoy, in a partner. Just a thought. Good luck on your boycott!

I know I shouldn’t feed the trolls.  But i just couldn’t help myself.