What do Michigan, Feminism, and White Supremacist Heteropatriarchy have in common?

Posted on September 12, 2011


Read this and find out. A short history (1) — Feministe:

I’m going to get in specific details of the 1940s Detroit (the Arsenal of Democracy) era in my next post. Because 1940s Detroit is the reason that we should all care about what is going on in Detroit right now–and I would argue that it’s the reason we should all care about post-industrialization, globalization, heavy industry, the Rust Belt–and what Detroiters specifically and Michiganders in general are doing to confront the mess the corporations left behind. It’s also exemplifies exactly how white supremacist heteropatriarchy is a function of capitalism and vise versa, and why gender justice will not happen, in fact,can not happen, without addressing the entire mess of it

I’m so freaking excited to see where this goes! bfp’s first post gave this teaser:

A bit about me: I identify mostly as a Malinchista. A traitor to nation, to borders, to men. A worker. A mami. Queer.

While I’m here, I’ll be working to contextualize all the big words: “post-industrialization,” “nationalism,” “white supremacist heteropatriarchy,” “decay porn,” “borders,” “distribution systems,” etc within a framework that centers Detroit, Michigan, and the US Midwest.

i’m giddy in anticipation.. nerdy but whatever!