imperialism at it’s finest

Posted on September 21, 2011


US Secret Drone Bases Popping Up Across Africa, Middle East — News from big question i’ve been mulling over lately: what role do the people have in secret military operations coming from a “democratic” entity?  What about any department of “defense” business? Especially when military operations make up a huge portion of what that government, supposedly of, by, and for the people, does.  Do we have a say? We definitely have a moral and ethical obligation, but that doesn’t seem to matter much to people.. we don’t even take care of “our own”..

From Ethiopia and Djibouti, to a “reaper” base in the Seychelles, US officials say they are hoping to get broad coverage across Africa and the Middle East, with eyes on escalating the wars against assorted al-Qaeda affiliates for “years to come.”

So much of our military actions do not represent me, or many many many people i know. so what gives?