Video/News/pics Roundup of #OccupyWallStreet

Posted on September 24, 2011


I wish I was in New York!!!! Solidarity from Hawaii from a Bay Area native.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” -John F. Kennedy

Here’s a petition for the White House to recognize those occupying wall street: 

This article was particularly informative, imo: 

For someone who has been following this movement in gestation as well as implementation, it’s painfully easy to see which news articles take their bearing entirely from a few Google searches. Some reporters come to Liberty Plaza looking for Adbusters staff, or US Day of Rage members, or conspiratorial Obama supporters, or hackers from Anonymous. They’re briefly disappointed to find none of the above. Instead, it’s a bunch of people – from round-the-clock revolutionaries, to curious tourists, to retirees, to zealous students – spending most of their time in long meetings about supplying food, conducting marches, dividing up the plaza’s limited space and what exactly they’re there to do and why. And that’s the point. More than demanding any particular policy proposal, the occupation is reminding Wall Street what real democracy looks like: a discussion among people, not a contest of money.

Emphasis mine.  The article then goes on to describe how the various entities (adbusters, anonymous, day of rage) have been involved. Very helpful amidst the internet chaos flurrying around. More text/info below the videos.

Here’s a few videos of how the cops have been acting.  It’s sad, too, about the police.  I know so many of us inherently don’t like police or other “peace keeping” forces because of a tumultuous history between progressive movements and those entities, and the way that those in power feel entitled to do things like this video shows.  But realistically, cops are part of the 99%, they’re just stuck defending the 1%:

This first one is pretty nuts, this guy walks up, arms out, not trying to cause problems and gets thrown to the ground:

now this next one, for me, was hard to tell what was happening. However, the chant “the whole world is watching” was pretty epic, and true.

ok now this last one is pretty gnarly, the cops start corralling a few women and then mace them like it ain’t no thing:

Here’s a trending map showing that #OccupyWallStreet is trending worldwide, but oddly not in the americas. Odd? I think so too. 

More info here (includes videos and A LOT of pics… and slightly inflammatory rhetoric but hey, it’s an emotional topic): 

Once more, the real face of American democracy is revealed through these powerful images by Paul Weiskel. Not a single banker has been arrested for crashing the world economy in 2008, but by now, dozens of law-abiding citizens are in locked up in police stations around New York simply for expressing their inconvenient opinion.

My favorite picture:

More pictures can be found at this site

If you care to read the one CNN article I could find, here it is.