OWS – goals/messages and politics

Posted on October 24, 2011


A founder of ‘Occupy Wall Street’ talks about movement’s origin and what comes next | The Raw Story. I just wanted to share these two sections because I believe this “founder” (dangerous to pick out individuals, imo) does a great job of capturing the essence.  From NY to Honolulu, the message is the same:

People criticize you for your numerous goals and messages. What is the main message in this movement?

What this protest is about is an opposition against the fundamental inequality in society — social, economic, ecological — and we want to change the ways that our society is structured and run so that way, the vast majority of people — the 99% — have their interests accounted for, their voices heard, their needs represented. And that’s just simply not the way we feel our society works now. It’s a society run for and by the 1%.

Are you thinking about eventually getting involved in politics?

Right now, we don’t have any plans to endorse any specific political candidates or political parties. A huge reason as to why we’re here is because we view the political process to be corrupt and broken. Both political parties are bought and owned by the 1%. So we don’t really have the desire to cooperate with either of them. I don’t think we would turn away anyone who has political aspirations and really want to work for the 99%, but at the moment we have no plans to run candidates in the 2012 elections or anything like that.

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