Hello Again

Posted on December 2, 2011


Since Occupy Honolulu began I have been ignoring this blog, and have spent far less time on the computer in general.  Funny how that happens when you’re constantly engaging in real life issues 🙂 I finally have something to say about my experiences (or part of those experiences) so far… This began as a letter/video blog for the LOUNGE @ SMC, it turned into my partial philosophy on how this movement will be the most successful and why I occupy.. and it may or may not be the start to me writing my thesis finally.  So here’s the video (aawwwkkwwaaaarrrdddd – videos in general. but this was done in my car, and i was exhausted and honestly hadn’t showered in a day or two, so… yeah. the revolution will not be pristine. and i look like a floating head. But also it’s scary in general to put myself out there like this.. but here we go). it’s kind of long, but i feel that it’s pretty important.. obviously or i wouldn’t have spent the last 48 hours doing it. I’m nervous about putting myself out there in such a manner, but please by all means be critical; help me learn and grow. I hope it’s helpful and clarifying. in love and light and solidarity ♥, j.

part one: 

part two: 

also, check out this resolution passed by OWS and supported by various organizations nationwide (and as of tonight passed by Occupy Honolulu’s general assembly:


oh and check out this song: