My Little Tracking Device

Posted on January 14, 2012


It took me a very very long time to upgrade my cellphone to a smart phone (and it wouldn’t have happened if my parents weren’t so Rad – thanks mom!). I didn’t *really* want one for all of my socioeconomic-political-hippie-resistance reasons.. but now that I have one.. can I just say how impressed I am!?!?! I sound like an older person being introduced to technology I think. But whatever. Like right now, I am blogging from my tracking device because there was a free app for WordPress. All the apps I have are free.. which is beautiful! I have one that scans barcodes of items to see if they’re made by a company that supports #SOPA. PRETTY stoked off it.  Technology when used to create a counterculture or inspire/facilitate resistance is such an amazing thing. Which is thy they are trying to control it.

I’m going to continue appreciating this tiny computer in the form of reading about the rising tension with Iran.

In love and solidarity,

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