#j18 internet blackout

Posted on January 16, 2012


First of all,  if you haven’t heard of sopa or pipa… go research for a sec or understand that its about internet censorship and the powers that be wanting to maintain power and control over the last bastion of unfettered information – which is a challenge to their authority. We have seen the ways in which the internet has allowed we the people a new frontier, a new mode of resistance. SOPA & PIPA are a huge threat to any chance we have of changing the current status quo. Some major players (Google, Facebook, twitter, go daddy, to name a few) were toying with the idea of blacking out their websites in protest of these pieces of legislation, to give users a taste of post-censorship interwebs and to raise awareness of these issues. Some are actually going to engage in this form of resistance – Reddit, Wikipedia, and WordPress are a few I know of for sure. Individuals are also encouraged to participate. So on #j18 I will be disengaging from the matrix to stand in solidarity with those who have put out this call to action. I hope you do too.