It’s a girl thing

Posted on June 6, 2012


Wage discrimination, that is.  Of course it’s absolutely not exclusively a women’s issue.  People of color experience this “phenomenon” as well. And transgender  people.  So you can bet that trans women of color are shit out of luck when it comes to equal pay.  I could insert facts and cite sources, but if you think I’m wrong, prove it. 🙂

So obviously This is on my mind because the Republicans just voted against a bill that would allow more transparency in wages and make it easier for women to take legal action if they found they were being discriminated against. Now, I’m not a fan of party politics… and to be honest when I saw this Image i was initially more annoyed than anything.  But I mean honestly, when you read about it… it’s hard not to talk about it in those terms. EVERY republican voted against it.  And what did they have to say for themselves?

Mitch McConnell, the senate minority leader, said no Republicans were voting for the legislation because it was merely “about rewarding plaintiff lawyers for filing lawsuits”.

“We think it is the wrong way to go about dealing with this issue,” he said.

“We have a jobless problem. We have a debt problem. We have a deficit problem. We got a lot of problems. Not enough lawsuits is not one of them.”


Harry Reid, the senate majority leader, attacked Republicans for downplaying the problem and blocking “any attempts to try to change the inequities that are out there for everyone to see”.

“They want to stick their heads in the sand and ignore the reality that American women experience every day,” Reid said before the vote.

Now, i’m no expert… but when laws are flawed and allow for economic discrimination, isn’t the judicial system the appropriate channel to rectify the problem? I mean.. not that I think the judicial system works.  Especially since my silly arrest and ensuing legal battle.  BUT this system is the charade and rhetoric The Masters perpetuate to keep the people pacified and feeling as if we have control over our lives. If you’re being wronged you have the ability to jump through loopholes and spend hella money in court. Now, according to republicans women shouldn’t be afforded that ability. And with women being discriminated on such a large scale and denied the right to rally together (think Walmart Lawsuits as an example), how are they supposed to exercise their right to equal pay for equal work?

Now, my very first job was at Aeropostale in the local mall.  We were forbidden from discussing how much we get paid; I know a lot of people have had similar experiences.  Of course this is so they can pay people as little as possible, but will negotiate if people ask for more money.  Statistically women currently have a tendency to low-ball themselves. I don’t want to get into why right now, but it happens. If employees were allowed to discuss their pay, certain people would find out they’re being screwed, and would demand a raise.  I think that’s a good idea.  It always bothered me we couldn’t discuss pay at my job, and since then i’ve decided I won’t work for a company who has a similar policy because it suggests questionable ethics and practices that I refuse to support/perpetuate with my wage slavery on which said company sustains itself.

And so once again policy makers, people who run our lives, once again refused to give women the mere peanuts they asked for.

But my question is… why are women ASKING for economic equality? Stop fucking ASKING! Demand. Break the rules, discuss salaries/wages, blatantly and directly resist your own oppression with all of your creativity.  After the last year or so of legislation which has blatantly attacked women on various fronts, realize that other channels and tactics must be used. Ovum up!

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