the resurrection… of my blog

Posted on July 25, 2012


As we’ve been entering into the full swing of political theatre with the impending November election, I have (clearly) taken a hiatus from this blog.  From October to April I was occupying and that was a full time endeavor.  I’m now going to attempt in the coming months to resurrect it,  because even if all of 3 people read it, it’s important for me personally to work through the smoke and mirrors and develop intelligible and articulate ideas and responses to what i see around me. And if you participate and we can engage in critical dialogue and sharing of ideas to uncover a more holistic understanding of what the fuck is going on in this crazy world our generation will inherit along the way, then that’s rad! I’d also like to forewarn that I will also be using this as a platform to work on my undergrad thesis, so there will be a lot of that as well, but it all ties in together since I will be writing about resistance and politics.

Lately my focus has been leveled on the fact that neither party works in the best interest of the people, that we need to envision and build, from the ground up, new systems and community working structures that are based on mutual aid and free association in an effort to not rely on the poisonous systems and structures in place already – to actively resist conditions that perpetuate the fuckery we live in today. What fuckery is this, you might ask? Off the top of my head I’m thinking mostly about this crazy food scarcity myth, monocultures, GMOs and other toxin-related issues with our food sources; i’m thinking about the destruction of our planet; i’m thinking about capitalist-driven poverty and the ever increasing wage gap. I’m thinking about an education system that is failing our young people. All of these are driven by profit and the desire for power and control.

Show me one system that works in this country and I will eat my hat (i get to choose which one though!). It’s all failing. And instead of trying to figure out how I can work within a crumbling economical, cultural, social system to “get by” and keep myself “comfortable” I think it’s important, for me, to question how can we make it better. Because we deserve better. We are the result of how many billions of years of evolution? The current way of life that we take for granted as normal, natural, the “way things are” is in fact the blink of an eye in human history. I’d argue that it is, in fact, the most unnatural mode of being. It’s amazing to me how many people agree that the current status quo sucks major hairy balls, and yet feel powerless to stop it or alter it in any way. How did we lose such control over our own lives? okay that’s a topic for another day.

My point is, this is most likely where my focus will lie for the upcoming months. Questions like these with attention paid to the seemingly small details of our lives that weave the fabric of society that my generation particularly declares is broken.

Step one Step two: choose where you spend your money wisely. Vote with your dollar and all that jazz.

Step one: realize that actively resisting an oppressive system will take you out of your comfort zone. It absolutely and fundamentally requires we make different choices that probably aren’t the most convenient or comfortable. I’m of the opinion that if you cannot sacrifice convenience then you probably don’t care about changing things for the better all that much; good luck rectifying that with your ability to see how messed up the world is and the need to understand yourself as a good person – cognitive dissonance is such a fucker!

Step three: educate yourself. an uneducated population is an easily manipulated and controlled population.

I hope you stop by in the future and share your insights with me 🙂

Peace, Love, and Solidarity.