Restless Souls

Posted on October 29, 2012



It seems to me that a lot of people are passing away recently (within the last year).  I understand this is a symptom of getting older, similar to how so many of my peers are getting married and starting families.  The older we grow, the older those around us grow, the more people we meet, the more likely it is we know someone who will die.   Maybe I am being over dramatic.  But i feel as though there is a palpable increase beyond that which my average life cycle can explain.  I don’t want to get all “2012” on anyone, or myself, but it is without a doubt that things are rapidly changing.  Powers are shifting.  People are shifting.  I have read books and articles saying that many souls will depart from physical reality prior to a great shift, in order to help prepare the way.  Perhaps more people are learning the lessons they came to learn in this life, and satisfied, their souls are ready to depart. I certainly don’t know.  I wish there were an easier way to cope with death.  A way to make it hurt less. I’m not the one that is in pain from the loss, but those I care about are suffering, and those in the throes of grief probably do not want to hear “their soul knew it was their time”.  How shallow that sounds, I’m sure, despite the depth of meaning therein.  Having learned the lessons (karmic and otherwise) intended, their souls are eager, restless, ready to continue their journey as it takes them beyond this plane.  And while we might miss them fiercely and wish they were not separated from us, we have to understand that all things happen as they should.

I am thankful to know that these two souls who have recently departed did so in their sleep – isn’t that how we all would like to go? Peaceful and already at rest.

Last night I had a dream that I was being held captive with a few others at gun and knife point.  These people were determined to kill us.  I kept asking why they felt compelled to do this, for no apparent reason. They never answered. I was panicked, terrified.  At one point a sawed-off shotgun was pressed into my torso as I was lying on the ground, my hand in between the two.  I just kept wondering how much of it I would feel, trying to talk them out of it.  The man with the gun faltered, didn’t shoot, but I knew he eventually would.  The really weird part of this dream is that I was confronted with my own fear of death.  I don’t fear death, not in the way many people do.  But confronted with a traumatic near-death experience in my dream I shouted from the top of my lungs that I was wrong, that I was afraid and didn’t want to die, as I was struggling mentally with the concept.  It was very bizarre and left a strange after-effect on me all day.  I’m sure it’s my subconscious dealing with these deaths.  But I was weird.

I know I have been very fortunate not to lose any of the people closest to me in my life.  I also know that is temporary.  I only hope that I, and we collectively, remember that the energy-force, the life-essence of those we lose is not lost forever. That they are uniting with their Higher Self, and are in a much better plane than we are left to deal with here.

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