Prop 37 confusion

Posted on November 7, 2012


I’m confused. I’m concerned. I’m thinking of moving to Colorado, where they passed some measures that actually make sense! Legalizing hemp and marijuana is a huge victory, though it will be interesting how the federal government responds.  Didn’t Obama promise not to crack down on MJ and then come down harder on dispensaries (in states where, medicinally, it has been OKd by voters) than Bush?  Didn’t that happen?  I’m pretty sure it did.


Right now my brain is spinning from the fact that Californians voted NO on Prop 37.  California actively decided that to have more information – the right to know what’s in our food – was unnecessary.

We actively chose ignorance.

“No, Monsanto, Pepsi, Coke, etc., we fully trust that you have our best interests at heart and we do NOT want to know what you are putting in our food OR how it affects us long-term, since no long term human studies are required by the FDA to assess its safety” is what California said to the world last night/this morning.

My days of label-reading and having to shop at multiple stores to TRY and avoid poisoning myself without spending an arm and a leg are not even close to being over.

I wish there were people who voted NO that I could talk to, because I really want help understanding what went down.  To me it seemed really straight forward.  What’s also pretty straightforward is 45 million (No on 37 campaign) vs. 6.7 million (yes on 37) raised/spent.  But that cannot be the ONLY reason for this outcome.

I just want some more info, some real talk from real peeps who actively voted against having more information/making better-informed decisions.  Dialogue needs to happen.

As does action.  A loss on election day BY NO MEANS is the end.  If anything it’s the beginning.