Hello, my friend, hello. It’s good to need you so…

Posted on July 27, 2013


I’ve been very MIA on here.  Very stop … go … stop …  go …  stop……..

Perhaps I will get around to eloquently describing the experiences this year has brought so far and the new queer ways I am viewing the world and myself.  Spark-notes version: A lot of personal growth and transformation.  A lot of contemplation on the consequences of viewing the world primarily through a lens of domination and oppression.  And a lot of self-care.  Which has opened the flood gates of creativity sweeping towards the acquisition of my degree through the writing of one silly paper.  As i have said in the past, I hope to use this space as a playground on my way.

If the brainsplotion was step one, this can be step two.  My still very nebulous outline.

  • My perceived limitations of Feminism and personal idealistic dissatisfaction with it’s hierarchies and hypocrisy … or the gap in between what American feminism generally says it’s about (what it was at its roots) vs. how it plays out in real life.  White supremacy.  Capitalism.  Hope in Queer and Trans theory, using those plus Freirian praxis as a framework.
  • Real-life Smackdown after college.  Material conditions. Experiences in activism both “good” and “bad”.  Theories in action.  New information and shifting paradigms. Reflective phase of Freirian Praxis.
  • “Queer meet Anarchism; Anarchism meet queer”.  Mythbusters. Real-life examples of resistance to the status quo and the need to define resistance and ourselves differently.
  •  Moving forward – reincorporation of learned lessons phase of Praxis. Possibilities for a personal and political revolution.  At the very least an evolving and dynamic fourth wave feminism, as opposed to current static and hegemonic political and personal engagement

And breathe…